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February 16, 2023

PSA: The Ohio Retirement Systems are NOT allowed to give members advice. They can ONLY educate. I know this because I worked for STRS Ohio for seven years. ✅

❌ Don't ask a benefits counselor which plan of payment you should choose. Why?

❓ Do you want someone you've known for less than one hour, who knows nothing about your overall financial picture, to tell you what you should choose? This is an irrevocable decision.

🙁 Because they made the wrong decision, many retirees lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in retirement income due to this irreversible decision.

🎯 We give advice. Ohio Public Employees (STRS, OPERS, SERS, OP&F) deserve to get it right. With 20+ years of experience, we will help you decide based on your total financial picture.

Plan of Payment Video