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Does your Ohio pension affect your spouse’s Social Security benefits?

Have you ever wondered if you were making the right decisions when it comes to your retirement options?
Thinking about taking the max PLOP? Not so fast!

PLOP stands for “Partial Lump Sum Option.” We will advise you on the tips and tricks when making your PLOP decisions. Should you take a PLOP and how much? If you've been advised to take a max PLOP, call us for a second opinion before you take action.

Plan of Payment (aka J&SA) is a critical part of financial planning for Ohio PERS members. We’ve seen people lose $100k of retirement income by making incorrect decisions. The OPERS guide outlines the plight of folks who have faced the devastating impact of choosing the wrong plan or taking the pension too soon. 

OPERS pension decisions can be difficult to navigate on your own. If you are facing this decision, let’s set up a time to talk.

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