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Our Process

When you join 3 Creeks Capital as a client, you receive a personalized financial roadmap tailored to your specific goals. Your comprehensive plan covers how to maximize your Ohio pension, investing, Social Security, tax efficiency, and more.  Our team is committed to understanding your unique goals, finances, health, family, and lifestyle, to ensure you make the most of your public pension and our services.

Step 1) Introduction Call

Begin with a discovery call to understand your financial needs and determine if our services align with your goals.

Length of Meeting: 15-30 min
Step 2) Initial Meeting (Virtual or Face-to-Face)

Collaborate in our initial meeting where we gather essential data, delve into your aspirations, and lay the foundation for a personalized financial plan.

Length of Meeting: 60-90 min
Step 3) Strategic Roadmap Presentation

We review the tailored financial plan we've crafted for you, ensuring alignment with your objectives.  Here we unveil the strategies and the action plan to reach your goals.

Length of Meeting: 60-90 min
Step 4) Implementation Meeting

Here is where we deploy the strategies and start checking things off the action plan checklist. 

Ongoing Guidance and Monitoring

Embark on your financial journey with ongoing support and monitoring, adapting the plan as needed to help you achieve your evolving goals.

3 Creeks Capital has the demonstrated experience you’ll need to properly navigate the Ohio pensions and set goals that will help build your financial future.

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