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The members of the State Teachers Retirement System of Ohio, the Ohio teachers, principals, superintendents, and professors who educate our youth, are the pillars of our society. Unfortunately, due to lack of education on the part of the systems that prevail, many are unaware of the financial missteps that can result in over $100K in lost retirement income.

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Thinking about taking the max PLOP? Not so fast!

PLOP stands for “Partial Lump Sum Option.” Most OPERS/STRS Members consider taking a PLOP. However, most don’t consider the consequences.

  1. Reduced Monthly Income
  2. Future COLAs reduced
  3. Tax consequences
  4. Joint and Survivor Affordability

This is an irrevocable decision that will have immutable consequences for the rest of your life. Get our opinion before you take action.

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