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Guiding Your Ohio Public Pension Journey: Your Financial Future Deserves Dedicated Care.

Guiding Your Ohio Public Pension Journey: Your Financial Future Deserves Dedicated Care.

At our core, we specialize in guiding STRS, OPERS, SERS, and OP&F members through the intricacies of their Ohio pension. Drawing from our extensive experience of nearly a decade working and paying into Ohio's public pension systems, we're uniquely positioned to optimize your retirement income and help you make the most of your pension benefits.

Why trust your pension to someone unfamiliar with the largest portion of your retirement income? Our comprehensive pension training is tailored to empower you. We're here to assist you in crucial decisions:

  • Identifying the most advantageous PLOP and DROP options.
    Determining your ideal retirement date for maximum benefits.
    Shielding yourself from the top mistake that could result in over $100K of lost income.
    Crafting a payment strategy that aligns with your family's needs.
    Unraveling the complexities of WEP and GPO to safeguard your Social Security income.
    Navigating the array of healthcare choices available to you.
    Deciding on retirement or rehiring? Let us provide the answer.

Public employees often find themselves entangled in unnecessary financial products, ignorant of the wealth of benefits offered by STRS, OPERS, SERS, and OP&F. Our mission is to rectify this gap in understanding, sparing you from costly missteps. 

Visit Our Knowledge Library for valuable resources on Ohio public pension benefits and retirement planning.

STRS Ohio Members

Benefit from our deep understanding of the needs of educators, principals, superintendents, and professors. As a former STRS Ohio employee, our experience equips us to provide well-informed retirement solutions tailored to your unique circumstances.


OPERS Members

As a former OPERS member, we are intimately familiar with all aspects of the OPERS system. Seeking guidance from someone who comprehends the operation of your pension system can make a significant difference. Our expertise empowers OPERS members to make informed decisions for their future.


OP&F Members

Receive specialized advice on OP&F, deferred compensation, and DROP options. Our team understands the challenges and opportunities unique to public safety professionals, providing guidance to help optimize your retirement plans.


Avoid the #1 Mistake

Don't make the mistake that could cost you over $100K+ in LOST retirement income!

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