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<p>Ohio Public Employees</p>

Ohio Public Employees

We specialize in providing financial advice to members of Ohio's public retirement systems, such as STRS Ohio, OPERS, SERS, and OP&F. We help maximize our clients' retirement incomes by providing tailored advice on the PLOP & DROP, which payment plan to select, and how to make the most of their 403b and Ohio Deferred Comp savings.



We believe in creating wealth that is both sustainable and meaningful for our clients. We provide tailored solutions for married couples looking to invest in ways that match their core values and allow them to spend more time with their families. Our team is committed to helping them create more time and financial freedom. 



We specialize in crafting tailored tax planning strategies for discerning clients with assets exceeding one million, ensuring their financial growth is optimized while maintaining tax efficiency. Our dedicated team navigates complex tax landscapes to help high-net-worth individuals preserve and enhance their wealth through strategic financial planning.



We understand that retirees are looking for a reliable partner who can provide guidance and reassurance throughout their retirement journey. From providing personalized advice to offering tailored strategies, we go above and beyond to ensure our retirees’ financial security is managed to the highest standard.

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